How we help

In order to do our job properly, we wear three hats.

The 1st hat is that of a life planner. We want to find out your story and what you want to achieve in the time you got left. It’s what the first meeting is about. It also gives us an opportunity to get to know each other and decide if we’d like to work together.

The 2nd hat is that of a proper financial planner. Our job is to analyse your current and future resources, and model strategies and scenarios where these resources are applied differently, to determine if and how your most important goals can be achieved. And that’s what the second meeting is about.

The 3rd hat is that of a financial product adviser. If your financial plan requires the implementation of financial products to achieve its objectives, then we’ll put on this hat and recommend appropriate financial products specifically to suite your financial plan. This is what the third meeting is about.

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